My driver needs help

What to do when your driver asks for help

This page gives you an idea of the tools available in Yojee to help you re-allocate tasks when your driver is stuck. The following topics are covered below:

  1. Driver-to-dispatcher chat
  2. Pickup or drop-off issues
  3. Vehicle breakdown

Driver to dispatcher chat

Drivers and dispatchers can communicate with each other through the Yojee application. The chat window is shared among all users so a user starting his/her shift can easily take over the conversation.

From the Yojee Drive app - the driver can use the app chat button to navigate to the Chat screen where he can contact the dispatcher on duty.



From the Yojee Dispatcher - the dispatcher can click on the chat button to bring up the chat program. The chat program can be used to message any registered driver on the Yojee Drive app.


Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 11.30.45 AM

Pickup or drop-off issues 

If a pickup or drop-off task is completed as planned, or if no further action is needed, the task can be marked as complete.

If follow-up is required, an exception can be raised to trigger the following flow:

  1. Driver reports a task exception 
  2. Dispatcher creates a follow-up plan and assigns new tasks
  3. Assigned drivers carry out the new tasks 

Vehicle breakdown

If a driver is experiencing a breakdown and cannot proceed, it is advisable to re-assign any urgent tasks to another driver.

  • The driver informs the dispatcher via chat or call
  • From the explore view, the dispatcher selects the affected driver and analyses the outstanding tasks by clicking on the empty eye icon empty eye beside the driver
  • To re-assign his/her work to a new driver:
    • Select tasks on the driver list that you wish to re-assign
    • Select the new or existing driver