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Broadcast Selected Items

If your drivers are mainly made up of freelancers, Broadcast feature will help you communicate delivery jobs to them.


Under Items section - Unassigned tab, bulk select or manually select your preferred items,

Broadcast in 2 steps:

  1. Click Broadcast button
  2. Fill in Commission and Broadcast time

1. Click Broadcast button


Note: If you just want to quickly broadcast an item, you can also click eye icon at the right side of the item and select Broadcast.



2. Fill in Commission and Broadcast timer

Once you select Broadcast, you will be asked to fill in Commission (i.e. money to be paid to driver. The commission will be displayed to driver when they receive the broadcast message) and Broadcast timer (i.e. How long you want the broadcast to be).


Click Apply to complete the process. At this point, an in-app notification will be sent to all on-duty drivers.