Add a Transfer Partner

If your company partners with another company to co-manage deliveries, two companies can easily transfer items via Yojee network. Before that, you have to add them in your list of partners.


Your partner needs to use Yojee software and has an existing CIP.


Add a Transfer Partner in 2 steps

  1. Go to Partners. Click Add Partner
  2. Enter your partner's CIP

1. Go to Partners section. Click Add Partner

When you add a transfer partner,

  • Your company will effectively become an upstream partner who can send jobs to your partner.
  • Your company partner will become a downstream partner. A downstream partner can only accept / reject jobs from upstream partners

However, your partner can also add you using this method to establish a bi-directional relationship (i.e. Your company partner can transfer jobs to you).


2. Enter CIP of your downstream partner

To obtain this number, please ask your partner to pass their CIP to you. 


Your partner can find their CIP under Settings section - My Account.



Click "Add Partner" to complete the process. Upon this, we will send a notification to your partner. They have to do is accept the invitation to activate the transfer capability.

For transferring items between two companies, please see Transfer Selected Items and Receive Transfer Items