Multi-Order Searching

Search for Multiple orders in Explore, List or Transport Orders pages

Explore & List View 

Utilise the search bar located at the top right to easily search for orders by entering your desired criteria. To search for multiple order IDs, input the numbers with spaces or commas between each ID for efficient results.

For example, if I have the following External Order IDs:

1. Either directly from a spreadsheet, and paste into Yojee search field.
This will perform a search across all IDs, and return all all relevant values.

2. Then, ensure the ID type is correct, and select all:

All the relevant results will then appear in the orders list.


Transport Orders

When using the Transport Orders page to search, you have the option to search for specific or partial order IDs. Simply utilise the search function located at the top left of the screen to choose the ID field you want to search in.

Referencing the earlier example, select the ID field and input the IDs you wish to search for, making sure to separate them with spaces or commas, or copy direct from a spreadsheet.

Once entered, your orders will be displayed.



  • Search functionality does not take into account any date restrictions
  • Partial search is only available in the Transport Orders section.