Release Notes March 2022

We are excited to announce some amazing new features we are releasing this month along with some enhancements to existing features!

Batch ID, Label and Notifications 🔔

Each time you create an order using our batch upload templates, the system will now generate a Batch ID. You can use the Batch ID to search and download your labels all in place! Find out more here!

We can now allow your notifications to be grouped by the Batch ID too!

Filter Directly on Reported Tasks 🔍

We have made it easier to see exceptions reported by your drivers. Click here to find out more.

Local Language Translation on the Live Tracking page 🙌

Now you can update the tracking page to be in your local language. Simply access via the manage page in your Company Settings.
Still unsure? No problem, click here!

Manage/Addresses - New UI 🌟

We have updated our Address Book and we think it looks great! Visit this page or take a look in your dispatcher account to see what we have done!

Recalculate ETA in Manual Plan 🚚

Previously if you were to manually plan your routes, the ETA would only update after  the jobs were assigned to your driver. Not anymore! We have released the ability to calculate the ETA during your plan. We even let you know if the ETA will be after the commit times! Learn more here!

Multi-select for Orders (Transfer, Accept, Reject) ✅

Not only have we introduced the Batch ID, but now you can bulk select your orders directly from the Orders screen. Allowing you to also filter and select your jobs that can be transferred, accepted or declined. 

COD Column added to Order Item & Driver Manifest Reports

As part of our enhancements we have added in an extra column to our reports. Helping you analyse your data in even more detail!