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Getting Started with Yojee API

The high level guide to Yojee API integration

Order Creation 

Our RESTful API enables you to easily integrate with Yojee. To get started, we have handpicked a set of APIs that give programmatic access to order creation, processing, and milestone retrieval in Yojee. Click on the following link for more information:

Please visit https://api-docs.yojee.com/ for our complete API documentation. 

Base URL

The Authentication API is served over HTTPS. All URLs referenced in the documentation have the following base: https://umbrella.yojee.com/

Code Samples

For each endpoint you will find sample snippets you can use, in two available formats:

  • HTTP request
  • cURL command

Each request should be sent with a Content-Type of application/json.


Before you begin, make sure you have a valid Yojee account or the ACCESS_TOKEN. If you do not obtain a Yojee account or access token, please request one by emailing support@yojee.com.

The authentication API enables you to manage all aspects of user identity and retrieve relevant dispatcher and sender info. In the following scenario, you retrieve the access token when you authenticate a user, and then you can make a request to other endpoints using that token in the authorisation header, in order to create stuff.


Please note that any API client needs to follow best practices to prevent flooding of Yojee servers with API requests. The service might reject API requests due to abuse otherwise. To prevent such API abuse, you can consider the following actions to regulate the calls:

  • Reduce the frequency of API requests
  • Apply a throttle to API requests
  • Implement a retry strategy like exponential back-off mechanism