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Configuring your Templates - New Booking Experience

We have redesigned the way you configure your' templates, allowing you to have multiple versions for different movement types.

Accessing the Templates

To access the new templates, navigate to Manage, Orders, New Templates (Beta).

Edit or Create a New Template

Edit an existing template or create a new one. 



⚠️ Any changes made here will affect both the manual order creation and the batch upload template⚠️

Field Selection

Select the fields you would like to use in your template. 

Changing the Headers

Re-label any of the field names to change the header in the template

Mandatory Fields

Make any fields mandatory as needed by selecting the REQUIRED option.

Note: the following fields are mandatory by default and required for creating all orders in the system

Order Level

  • Service Type

Task Level (both pickup and drop off)

  • Task Type
  • Address Line 1
  • From Time
  • To Time

Positioning the Fields

Click and drag to move the fields to your desired position

Setting the Unit of Measure (UOM)

Select the field to choose the UOM for the weight, length, width, height and volume.

Template Properties

Some customers may require to have multileg movements. These can be configured in the Template Properties.

What is Missing Info? Click here to find out more. 🔍

⚠️ Always save your template after any changes are made. ⚠️

The SAVE button is now at the top ☝️


Set your template as active and/or the default version in the main screen for both manual and batch upload order creation ✅