Driver App - Video Walkthroughs

Driver resource with video walkthroughs of the common features in Yojee Driver App

These videos provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the Yojee Driver App, demonstrating how to efficiently navigate through its various features and functionalities. From logging in to accessing different sections of the app, you will learn how to effortlessly use the app to enhance your delivery experience.

  1. General Navigation
  2. How to complete an order
  3. Reporting a job
  4. Scan to action


General Navigation

This video starts by providing a detailed explanation of the main screen of the app, showcasing the essential elements and buttons that you will frequently engage with. It will guide you through the process of accessing various sections, including pending orders, delivery history, and settings.

How to Complete an Order

Step-by-step guidance for successfully completing an order.

Reporting A Job

This video offers a detailed step-by-step demonstration on how to report a job in order to return it to the dispatcher.

Scan to Action

This video offers a detailed walkthrough on how to effectively utilise the Scan to Action feature in the Yojee Driver App, maximising your efficiency while using the app.


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