Why do my ETA's look wrong?

Sometimes during planning, the ETA's may look not quite right. This article looks at common scenarios and answers what to look for when this happens.


Use Case 1 - Manual re-sequencing in List and Explore

  • During optimisation but before assigning, I need to manually sequence my jobs within Explore and/or List View so they are in the desired stop sequence for delivery.
    Before assigning, the task(s) that have been resequenced, may not show ETA's aligned between stops.
    • The ETA will update after assigning, the distance between the stops and also the drivers current location will be factored in once the jobs have been assigned. 

Use Case 2 - I have assigned my tasks and the ETA's have changed since Optimising the driver's route.

  • Once the jobs are assigned, the ETA's might change suddenly - Why is this? 
    • The ETA will update dynamically using the drivers current location. If the driver's app is not open after the jobs have been assigned, Yojee will use the driver's last active location when last using the App. This will affect the ETA of the pickups and all subsequent drops. 
    • As the driver begins to complete the tasks, the ETA's will again update dynamically

NOTE: As of July 2021, the ETA will only update dynamically within Yojee Dispatcher. 

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