Why do I have "Dropped Tasks"

Dropped Tasks can occur when planning during optimisation.

Why does this happen?

  • Capacity Restraints
    • If you have the capacity set against a vehicle type this could potentially affect your ability to assign during optimisation.
      • Eg: If the capacity of the tasks exceeds the capacity set against the vehicle type the optimiser will automatically drop the tasks as it recognises that the vehicle type assigned to that driver is not able to carry the goods. 

      • The capacity can be the weight, volume or quantity or a combination of any of the 3. 
  • Time Constraints
    • Check the pick up and drop off time slots.
      • The pickup task could be before the Plan Date (if the plan date has been enforced)
      • The time slots for both the pick up and drop off could be too close together
        • Eg: The distance between the pickup and drop off is too far and is impossible to achieve within the commit times.
        • Or the Service time does not allow for the tasks to be completed within the timeframe given.

Can I still Assign the tasks that have been Dropped? 

Not during the optimisation  process. These jobs will need to be quick assigned if you want them to go to the same driver, alternatively, start the optimisation process again with a new driver and the dropped tasks. 


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