Using Tags

Create and Use Tags as Filters

With tags you can label specific sections in your Dispatcher interface which then can be used as filters in List & Explore View. At the moment tags can only be applied to the "Address Book" records.

Setup Steps

1. Go to the Manage Section and Click on Tags

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 9.37.41 AM

2. Manual, Batch Upload, Bulk Edit of Tags

Manual Upload

This is the first way of setting up tags, before they can be used.

Two things you can define:

  • Namemandatory
  • External ID - optional

Once the tag is created it will appear on the list with *others.

Batch Upload

This is a more "convenient way" if you have a list of tags that you wish to upload and use with your addresses.

You'll be presented with an option to download a "predefined template" in either Excel (.xlsx) or (.csv) formats which needs to be populate with required values, similar to the "manual process".

Sample .xlsx

  • ID - leave "blank" (clear values)
  • External ID - optional
  • Name mandatory

Once the file is SAVED you can proceed to upload through the wizard by selecting the file from your PC/Mac and clicking on the UPLOAD button.

If "successful" you should get a message: File uploaded successfully! X record(s) processed.

You can continue uploading more files or exit the wizard by clicking outside of the box.

Bulk Edit

With "Bulk" edit you can select specific tags or whole lists to make changes on the fly. You will want to select the checkbox associated to each of the tags to the left of its name.

Then click on the "horizontal 3 dots" in the upper right corner next to the CREATE TAG button and select Download from the drop-down.

If you wish to remove tags in bulk you can also do that by clicking the other button Delete Selected.

Once the file is downloaded, make the needed changes to it and repeat the steps like in Batch Upload.

**Note that the system will check for the current values and make necessary updates to them.