Transport Orders (BETA) Page

Introducing Transport Orders page, a customisable and dynamic view of all your transport orders

The TRANSPORT ORDERS (BETA) page is continuously being developed, and new features may be introduced or modified at any time.

We highly value your feedback in shaping the future of Yojee. We encourage you to explore this new feature and share your thoughts with us at

Click Here to download our Transport Orders Navigation Guide to share with your colleagues.


Transport Orders provides a user-friendly and customisable screen where you can conveniently view all your orders. This allows you to easily focus on the information that is most important to you.

Functionality includes:

Order Search

As familiar with Explore and List view, search by keyword and/or date range to display orders in the field below.

Column Filters

Using the menu bar at the top of each column, the results can be arranged as follows:

  • Sort by ASC - Sort by column in ascending order
  • Sort by DESC - Sort by column in descending order
  • PIN to Left - Moves column to the left of the screen and pins in view so it is always seen when scrolling horizontally.
  • PIN to Right - Moves column to the right of the screen and pins in view so it is always seen when scrolling horizontally.
  • Filter - Add additional filter criteria for the column as per below:
    • Each column has the option to add further rules in returning values to ensure only the orders required are displayed.
    • Select X to remove a single line or Remove All to remove all filters

Filter Results

To find specific results, the search bar in the top right will filter results currently on display.

Rearrange, Manage and Save Columns

move column

Columns can be rearranged by clicking and dragging the column to the desired position.

To manage the displayed columns, select the icon, this will present a list of all columns available. Here you can search and select specific or all columns to view.

To save a specific view for future reference, select Save selection as preset

The Preset tab shows quick views including any saved Personal presets.

Download Documents

To download documents, select the results you want to download the documents of, then select the Documents button, and the required document.

Export to CSV

Displayed or selected results can quickly and easily be exported by selecting the export button in the top right. 

Selecting the export icon will create and download a CSV of either:

  • All displayed results
  • All selected results (If results have been selected)