Status notifications

How to keep stakeholders informed on status changes

To manage a dynamic supply chain, it is important to keep all team member updated on the situation. Delivering the right information at the right time ensures that all actors in the supply chain are empowered to execute effectively and efficiently.

  1. Reduce delay between dependent tasks
  2. Avoiding known issues
  3. Risk mitigation and capitalising on opportunities

On the flip side there is a cost attached to providing too much status updates:

  1. Cost of communicating information (administrative and infrastructure)
  2. Loss of attention on potentially more important activities

To setup notifications, go to the Manage screen. From the Manage screen, hover over Customers > Notification.


Both SMS and Email notification settings can be found in the same page, just check any of the boxes to match the requirements needed.

To achieve the right amount of status updates for each stakeholder, it is possible to configure how each delivery event affect each stakeholder groups (sender, pickup person and dropoff person). Click on the pencil icon to do so.

Tip: If the stakeholder is not defined, or does not have a valid email address or phone number, the notification will not be sent out.