Service Type Mapping

If you take advantage of our Partner Management, when you transfer your orders, we now allow you to map the service type to that of the Downstream Partner.

Configuring the Service Type Mapping

Firstly, navigate to Partners and select the Setup Mapping button.

You can either select to choose all service types to be mapped to a default service type:

Or you can explicitly map each service type:

For Bi-directional partners, you can also see how your upstream has  mapped their service types to your service types.


If a service has not already been mapped to a downstream partner, you will be prompted with the below warning:

Once mapping has been assigned, you can Save & Transfer without leaving the screen.

In the case of having dispatch rules configured, please check the bell 🔔 on the top right-hand corner of your dispatcher screen to view any notifications for any orders that have failed to transfer due to the mapping not being configured.


We also provide a full audit log of who has mapped which service and when. Simply click on Audit log to see more information!

To learn how to transfer orders see Transferring Consignments to a Downstream Delivery Partner.