Reports - Saving Column Presets

Make reports work for you by saving your favourite views or setting as default

Yojee's reports are crafted to adapt to your specific requirements. With our default reports, you have the flexibility to customise which columns are displayed, ensuring you see the information that matters most in the exact order you need.

You have the option to save multiple views of the same report by utilising Report Presets. Additionally, you can set a preset as the default view for a report, providing you with flexibility and ease of access to the information that matters most to you.

Saving a Report Presets

To save a report view as a Preset:

  1. First, create the report, in the format you wish to save by adding, removing, or moving columns.
  2. Once the report is in the preferred format, select the column icon
  3. Select the 'Presets' tab
  4. Then select 'Save selection as preset'
  5. You will then be asked to add a name for the new view
  6. Select 'Save' to save the new view.
    Note: you can also set this view as 'Default' by checking the box

You can now quickly return to this view, by selecting the presets tab and the saved view

Default View

If you want to set a new default view for when you revisit the reports page, make sure to save your preferred view as a preset first (as outlined above in Saving Report Presets).

  1. Select the column icon
  2. Select the 'Presets' tab
  3. Indicate, using the tick box on the right which preset should be used as the default view

You have now set this as the default view.

Delete / Edit Presets

Personal Presets can be easily deleted by selecting the trash can icon

You can also edit the name of the preset using the pencil icon