Release Notes September 2020


1. Bulk Report Tasks 

Users can now bulk report on Explore and New List View. To bulk report, change the tab to Assigned and select the required items, report action will be enabled, click on that to select a reason. 

mceclip0.png    mceclip1.png


2. Commission on New List View

Users can add commission on the New List View through the Quick Assign dialog and Optimisation dialog


3. Customise Waybill Templates

Whitelabel customers can now customise their waybills at an HTML level, giving them more flexibility of the design and the information contained.

(Available only for whitelabel customers)


The Waybill feature also allows users to control the version type, save a new template, set one template as active and delete an old template. 


4. Bulk actions on Manage page

User Management | Driver | Driver Schedule | Vehicle Management | Vehicle Schedule

Users will now have the ability to bulk edit & bulk delete throughout pages on Manage including User Management, Driver, Driver Schedule, Vehicle Management and Vehicle Schedule.



5. Bulk Create Users

Users can now create dispatchers in bulk using a batch upload template. 

6. Expose Optimisation configurations

A dispatcher will now have the ability to adjust the Start Location and End Location during optimisation.

Simply click on Selected Drivers to review the information, also adjust the Start location and End Location if required.

Click on Selected tasks to review task’s information;


Upcoming Releases

Here are a few items that are expected to be released on the platform by the end of September.

1. Export and download data

Users will be able to download existing data within the below sections:

  • User Management

  • Driver Management

  • Driver Schedule

  • Vehicle Management

  • Vehicle Schedule

  • Address

2. Multiple edit 

Users will be able to edit multiple fields, select items and choose 'Edit Manually', the system will generate a table which lists all the fields that can be edited. This action will help the user to edit multiple items at once time with separated data.


3. Transfer to Partners on New List View

Allow users to transfer items to Partner using the New List View

Once an item is selected, followed by the action Transfer, the Partner dialog will be displayed on the right hand side.


Users will be able to withdraw a transfer when accessing the Transferred tab as shown below.


4. Bulk Edit, Multiple Edit and Bulk Delete on Address page


5. Expose and visualise a plan ( timeline, capacity, distribution )

The ability to drag and drop interactions provides dispatchers with an intuitive way to plan and replan tasks allocated to a driver. 


6. Xero integration

Xero integration will provide a user with the ability to create new invoices, add item(s) to invoices as well as view invoices in the Yojee system.