Release Notes June 2024

NEW! Complete on behalf of Driver ✨

In situations where an order hasn't been closed correctly, you now have the option to finalise an order assigned to a driver on the Transport Orders page. Simply choose the designated order, click 'Complete', input the completion date and time, and upload a Proof of Delivery (POD) if necessary. Please note that this action is irreversible, so proceed with caution.



  • Documents on Order Form
    You can now easily access a list of additional uploaded documents on the order details page, displayed by document code and name. This improvement reduces the number of clicks required and makes referencing these documents more convenient.
  • Transport Orders Page - Filters, Item IDs, and Global Tracking numbers
    The Transport Orders page now includes filters for easier viewing, along with columns displaying External Item IDs and Global Tracking numbers.
  • Transferred Orders - Accept on Page

    You now have the option to accept a transferred order directly from the order page, eliminating the need to go back to the Transport Orders list. This streamlines the process and makes accepting orders more efficient.