Release Notes June 2021

Improved Timeline + more!


Plan, rearrange and manually optimise your orders with our new Timeline feature. With the updated Timeline, you can modify plans after optimisation, check the capacity for each driver and pre-empt any risks. The improved markers make it easy to drag and drop, but you can also rearrange directly in your list or explore view. The new Timeline provides you with more control over your allocation and more visibility into your capacity. Click here for more information!


  • There is such a thing as too many checks. Previously, when you tried to remove a Hub (unlinked to a Zone) or a Zone (unlinked to a Hub), the system threw an error, saying it was still connected. We resolved this, and you can now delete a Hub or a Zone, so long as they are unlinked.
  • We accidentally hit the snooze button on the notification bell in Dispatcher. The alarm bell is now back on, and you can see the notifications dot pop-up.
  • Oops, when you wanted to track a single task, we didn’t display the map. All good now!