Release Notes August 2020


1. Add Search Box in Vehicle Dropdown [Explore]

A search box is now made available to search for a vehicle plate number in Driver selection menu




2. Add Language Adjustment for Booking Page 

A user can change the language of the Booking Page through COMPANY SETTINGS in Manage.


3. Display Search Box and Paging in User Management Page

Display search box and paging in User management page




4. Add Link to Customers T&C's on Booking Page

A setting has now been introduced to put the link for the T&C’s of the customers on the booking page, this feature is available upon request only. 


Driver app


1. Prevent user from multiple clicks on the same button in the Driver app

Improvement on the existing behaviour where drivers could click multiple times on the same action, resulting in errors in processing.


2. Improve space in task list item display

Improve look and feel of task list item display on Android devices


Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue SMS Tracking link - when click on tracking in SMS received giving Blank page on iOS
  • Fix Edit Item Service type after assign and accepted by driver not changing in UI
  • Fix Item Types displaying in lower case in dispatcher when using Create Order.
  • Fixed map not showing correct information [List View]
  • Add name under buttons Refresh and Cancel [List View]
  • Keep filter results when user refreshes page or changes view [New List View]
  • Fix issue when address and date time are not show full information [New List View]