Release Notes January 2022

We have some exciting new features and improvements this month, read on to learn more!

Manual Plan & Un-sequenced Tasks 🚚 

Did you know that tasks can become un-sequenced if you have a combination of optimised and quick assigned tasks against a driver? You can now manage the un-sequenced tasks by adding them into your plan.⭐ Click here to find out more!


We now make it easier to understand which task the ETA belongs to. To learn more click on this link!

Live Tracking 📍

We will always show the Sender of the order/item on the Live Tracking Page if the Sender is a Corporate Sender 

Date Range Filter 📅

You can now filter the reports and dashboards using the date type! This allows you to filter on what is important to your operations, whether it is the creation date, commit date or assigned date!  

More information can be found in our reports dashboard section! ✅


If you have any further questions, please email us at 🙌