Release Notes February 2023

We've been busy this month enhancing Yojee for your dispatchers and drivers and finance!

Driver App 📱

  • Improved streamlined usability for taking multiple images when completing a task reducing taps
  • For companies moving containers, the container number is now shown in the first screen. No need to click into the detail to see this information.  
  • Icons added for easier navigation to access more detail 
  • Reduced the number of taps to view order item details
  • Combined the item info and selection screens and pre-selecting all for delivery to reduce the number of taps.

Container Number

Dispatcher 👤

  • 'address ID' can now be enabled in batch uploads to utilise saved address details. This can be enabled by enabling in the order template.
  • Provided a more focussed filter experience with the ability to only show empty leg information
  • Allowing single leg templates to be marked as empty

Finance 🧮 

  • New ability to specify a minimum threshold charge for Unit and Rate table calculators to guarantee minimal charge for anything that requires a calculation
  • Added the ability to add conditions on calculators based on the item type, e.g. ‘Only calculate these charges if the item type is 'pallet''
  • Added the ability to identify ‘Chargeable’ weight as a unit type, in order to apply either the dead or volumetric weight to a rate table.

Min Charge + Conditions