What are Operations?

The Operations function is designed to automatically add additional stops between your pickup and drop off locations for movements between Hubs.

Please follow the below steps to setup an operation.


At least one Hub must be created and the Hub address must be saved into the Address Book. See How do I create a Hub?.

Part 1 / 2 - Create an Operation:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Planning > Operations
  2. Select Add Operation
    (This example will guide you on how to easily create a hub operation for next day deliveries.)
    1. Name - Type in a name to help identify the operation
    2. Select Link to previous task/operation to ensure a defined link between the existing pickup task and the new ones you will create
    3. Select Link to next task/operation to ensure a defined link between the last task and the existing dropoff task
    4. Step 1
      1. Task Type - Select Dropoff (this will add the first dropoff task after the initial pickup)
      2. Service Hub - Select the desired service hub
      3. Address - Type the address (this will populate from the address book)
    5. Select + Add New Step

    6. Step 2

      1. Do not Link to previous step. This is the beginning of a new leg
      2. Task Type - Select Pickup
      3. Service Hub - Same as the Pickup hub
      4. Address - Same as the Pickup hub
    7. Select Save

You have now created a new operation to insert additional tasks to dropoff and pickup from a hub.

When to link to Previous / Next step

When linking tasks, it's important to consider that a 'linked' task represents a specific leg of a consignment.

When adding tasks, the dropoff task should always be linked to the preceding pickup task.

The pickup tasks should not be linked to anything preceding, as these represent the start of a new leg.

Part 2 / 2 - Apply operation to Service

Now the Operation has been created, you need to specify which service type the operation should be applied to. See here to learn how to create a service type.

  1. Navigate to Manage > Orders > Service Types
  2. Edit an existing service type you want to add the operation
  3. From the Operation dropdown, select the Operation you want to add
  4. Select Save



All orders created on this service type will now have a pickup and drop off task automatically inserted to go to a Hub.

Example - Operation OFF

Example - Operation ON