Inviting a Downstream Partner

Send, re-send or cancel an invite to a downstream partner

Inviting downstream partners to join your network is easy. Within a few clicks, you will be able to send, re-send or cancel an invitation.
  1. Under the PARTNERS section, click on INVITE PARTNER. A new window will open.
  2. Enter your downstream partner's company name and email address. To add more partners, simply click on the button to add 10+ more partners as displayed.
  3. Click INVITE to continue.
    A successful notification will display in the top right hand corner, your invitation to the downstream partner has now been sent. Click on SENT to see the list of companies that have you sent an invite to.

    You can choose to refresh , copy the invitation link or cancel the invitation using the buttons displayed next to the partner.

    Once the partner has successfully accepted the invitation, you will see the company displayed in the PARTNERS section.

FEATURE AVAILABILITY: Partner invitation might not be available to your company, depending on the region in which you are operating from and the terms and conditions governing your usage of Yojee.

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