How to Manage Un-Sequenced Tasks

What are un-sequenced tasks and what can I do?

Tasks can become un-sequenced if you have a combination of optimised and quick assigned tasks against a driver. Because the combination results in no clear sequence, this prevents the ETA from calculating for your customers. 

Identifying Un-Sequenced Tasks

During Optimisation (but before assignment), Yojee will highlight the un-sequenced tasks in red. You can choose to remove the tasks from the sequence entirely or add them to your route manually. 

To add the tasks to the drivers' route, select re-arrange tasks in either Explore or List view.

Adding Un-sequenced Tasks to the Driver's Route

1. You can either add all the tasks to the sequence by selecting the "+ADD ALL TO TASKS LIST" button as highlighted, or you can simply click and drag the tasks into the sequenced list manually. 

You will be given the option to add to the top or the bottom of the task list

2. To remove all tasks from the sequence entirely, click on the "REMOVE ALL" button

Please note:

A warning will be displayed to remove before confirming

The tasks will then show as Dropped Tasks. 

ℹ️ For more information on Dropped Tasks - please click here. 

3. You can also choose to group by both the pickup and drop off tasks.  This can be achieved before or after adding the un-sequenced tasks.

To reverse the changes to the grouping, click "UNGROUP"


Don't forget to assign the jobs to your driver to confirm the sequence. 

Need more info on Manual Planning & Sequencing, no problem! Please take a look at this article 😀