How do I add users to Corporate Senders?

Senders can use the booking screen (i.e. [company slug] to create bookings in the platform for the dispatcher to process.

To create a user to a corporate sender:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Customer > Senders > Corporate
  2. Click on the Name of the company you wish to add the user (If you have not added a corporate sender, follow instructions here)
  3. Navigate to the Corporate User tab and select Add Corporate User 
  4. From here, you can either Create New (creating individual accounts) or Batch Upload (creating multiple accounts at once)
    1. Create Individually
      1. Enter the individuals name, phone and email as requested
      2. Press Save
    2. Batch Upload
      1. Download, populate and save the template
      2. Upload the saved template
      3. Press Save
  5. Once saved, the users will receive an email notifying them of their login details

If the user does not receive their login details, ask the user to:

  1. Navigate to the bookings page [slug}
  2. Select Password Reset 
  3. Enter the registered email and select CONFIRM to receive a password reset link


Did you know? 

  • Some mandatory fields may not require all information. If you do not know the address or registration no's, this can be filled in with a full stop '.' or a dash '-' if required. 
  • The sender email and phone number must be unique. If the phone number or email entered here have been used for a driver or user profile, the phone number and email address associated must match in all areas of the platform. 
  • The email entered here will used for the sender notifications
  • Creating a sender account will allow access to the customer booking portal. If enabled, once an account is created, the sender will automatically receive a link via email with their username and password to access the page. 

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