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Entering Orders using a Booking Page

How your customers can directly submit orders into the Yojee platform

The bookings page is a web page that allows your customers to register their orders directly into Yojee. This process has multiple benefits.

  • Streamlining the booking process, providing customers with price quotation immediately upon request
  • Reduce manual data handling, where the sender themselves are accountable for verifying accurate order entry into Yojee
  • Reduce the time delay from order submission to decision making by the logistics dispatcher

Yojee Booking Page

Access your Yojee Booking Page from a web browser by navigating to your company’s booking page URL. The booking page URL looks like the following:

In the address below <company-name> should be replaced by your company slug which is provided to your company administrator.


For example, if your company slug is “xyzlogistics”, your booking page URL should be the following:


booking page

The basic booking page looks like the screen above. It is possible to customise the look and contents of your booking page in the Manage tab (Content Management category, Branding subcategory).