Enable Driver App Gate Pass

Enhance Efficiency and Security with Easy Access Verification

The Yojee Driver App can generate a barcode for each order assigned to the driver, allowing them to simply display the barcode upon arrival. This barcode can be scanned at the entry point, and if valid, the driver will be granted access to the site. 

How to Enable Gate Pass

To enable Gate pass:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Drivers > Driver Workflow.
  2. Under the Gate pass section, ensure Generate gate pass is enabled

The gate pass will generate a barcode based on the External Order ID. If you require a different field, please contact support@yojee.com.

How to use Gate pass

Now that the order has been turned on, any order shared with your drivers will have the barcode icon on each task.

The driver should select the icon, and a barcode will appear: