Emailing and Scheduling Reports

Users have the option to export reports either immediately via email upon creation or set them to be exported on a schedule.

After creating a report, it is easy to email the results to yourself, or a list of recipients.

Emailing Results

After creating the report you wish to email:

  1. Select  then Generate report

  2. Select the export format, and timezone, then select E-mail when done
  3. Enter recipient email addresses.
    For multiple recipients, ensure they are comma separated (i.e.,,
  4. Amend or add message subject
  5. Select repeat frequency (if recurring, also select the time of day the report should be generated), or Never for one off reports.
  6. Select Generate to save and close.

Editing Scheduled Reports

Once a reports have been scheduled, they can be viewed by selecting the Scheduled tab within the  menu.

From here you can Edit by selecting :

Or select Delete to clear the report.