Duplicate Orders and Items

How to duplicate order or items to save time and ensure important information is retained

Duplicate Orders

To duplicate an order:

  1. Find the order you wish to replicate, and edit
  2. At the top of the order, you will see order summary, next to the Action title select Duplicate
  3. You will then get the option to select the specifics of the order you would like to duplicate. Once selected, press Next
  4. You will then be prompted to confirm your selection, including the line items. When you are ready, select Confirm
  5. Your order has now been duplicated. You will be able to review and make further changes to the duplicated order before selecting Save or Save & Close to finalise.


Duplicate Items

In scenarios, where you may need to add quantity, or split lines of items, you can Duplicate Items.

  1. Select order you want to duplicate the line item, and edit
  2. Navigate to Lines, and select Duplicate
  3. The line will now be duplicated, copying any details added including Dims, description and special instructions. Then you are able to adjust quantities as required and save.
  4. To delete a newly created line, select the icon and follow the prompts to remove.