Driver Teams

Driver Teams can provide value to your operations by allowing you to group your drivers together in an efficient way to also assist with planning and assignment.

To access Team Management, please navigate to Manage > Drivers > Teams

Here you can Create, Edit or Delete your teams. 

1. Create Team Button

2. Team Name - Allows you to edit and add drivers. 

3. Select All to allow bulk delete

4. Enables you to search for your team

5. Displays the number of drivers in your team

6. Delete individual teams created. 

  1. Click on the Create Team button to create your team name and save

  2. Click into the Team Name to add drivers, and Save

You can now use your teams when planning in List and Explore view. Allowing you to easily select the drivers that service a particular area. 



Click on the pencil next to the name to edit if required

You will receive a success notification once updated.