What are zones and how to draw them

Zones are useful as a filter criteria when:

  1. Filtering list of tasks in the Items screen
  2. Automate the dispatch of tasks within a drawn region
  3. Define the responsibility of dispatching a task within a drawn region


How to start drawing zones

  1. Go to the Network screen
  2. Click the Zones button zones button on the top of the screen 
  3. Create a new zone by clicking on create new button
  4. The dialog above shows up. Start drawing by clicking points on the screen. Don't worry about the accuracy because you will be able to refine and add more points later.
    zone drawing
  5. When you are done, remember to name your zone and save your drawing!

If the map is not allowing additional points to be added, simply save the map so far, then click on it to continue editing. The additional points should now be displayed.