Downstream Partner Sign Up (Invite Only)

Setup your account with Yojee as a Downstream Partner after receiving an invitation request.

Click on the link received on the email from your upstream partner. If you do not receive an email, your upstream partner can resend the link for you. 

After clicking the link, you will be taken to the account sign up page. 

You will need to fill in the following fields;

  • Full Name
  • Country
  • Password
  • Currency
  • Time zone

Select if you wish to 'Share driver location with partners' (For more information, see Partner Driver Location),

And agree to the Terms & Conditions before you can signup.Select CONTINUE to proceed.

Welcome! It is now time to GET STARTED, click the button as shown.

The next screen allows you to invite dispatch users to your partner account. Add as many partners as you like by entering their email address and name. To add more than four users, simply click on the +Add more users button. Select INVITE & CONTINUE. Dispatch users will receive an email with login credentials to access your account as a dispatch user.

Alternatively, click on Skip this step and you can add users later. 


Next you have the option to add your drivers to the platform. Enter their phone number and name. Again to add more than four drivers, simply click on the +Add more drivers button. Select ADD & CONTINUE. Drivers will receive an email with instructions to download and access the Yojee driver app. 
Alternatively you can skip this step and choose to add your drivers later.

Your setup is now complete! Press DONE to access your account.