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Dispatcher Explore View

Navigate order items and related tasks on the map in the Explore view

Explore view

The Explore view contains the following screen elements:

Screen element Usage
Navigation bar Navigate between different screens
Task list Display a list of tasks based on filter criteria (e.g. pickup, drop-off, or other actions)

Action bar

Shows possible dispatcher actions - such as assign, optimize, transfer, and broadcast.
List of drivers Shows a list of drivers and assigned vehicles.
Driver timelines Shows schedules, assigned tasks, and vehicle capacities on driver timelines. 

The filter function helps narrow down the information you see in the task list.

Map and icons Show a map of tasks and their locations. More than one task on a single address is indicated as a number. See below 'Driver Icons' for further information.
Map controls Zoom in or out of the map. Also, interact with the map using drag and drop.


Driver Icons

On the map, you will find a selection of the below icons:

Last known driver location, the task has been assigned

Last known driver location, no task has been assigned

Last known driver location where the location was last updated over 24 hours ago

Partner driver with the transferred task assigned

/ Order pickup location/dropoff location

/ Order pickup/dropoff completed

/ Order pickup/dropoff has been canceled

Hub location


NOTE - Driver icons on the map will now only show if the most recent location is <5 days old. Older locations will not be displayed.