Creating Orders in Yojee - Manual

There are two main ways excluding integration to create your orders in Yojee - Manual or Batch Upload



Creating a Manual Order

Select Create Order from either List or Explore View, 

Or from within the Orders screen

Select Create Manually

Booking Order Detail

Fill in all the mandatory detail. 

  1. Select your order template. To configure your template, refer to this article for more information 
  2. Select your Sender
  3. Enter your External ID (if required) and Service Type
  4. Fill in the booking details for both the pickup and drop off, ensuring the mandatory fields are filled in
    1. Pickup / Drop Off task type (defaulted as per your template configuration ☝️)
    2. Address Line 1
    3. From Date and Time
    4. To Date and Time

5.    Add your items

6.   Select Next to proceed

7.   Your rate charges* can be calculated here if configured, or select Save to continue

*not applicable for Starter packages

Success! Your order has now been created! 🙌



Add your address straight to your address book by clicking the +


Duplicate, split or itemise multiple items