Creating a Multi-Leg Container Booking with an empty leg

Steps required for creating multi-leg container bookings including an empty leg.


Creating a multi-leg booking with Yojee is a simple process. Let's say you need to book a container for multiple legs of transportation. In this scenario for an export, the container will be initially delivered empty, then packed by the customer and forwarded from there.

Step 1 - Setup your Item Type and Order Template

  • Configure your item type by navigating to Manage > Orders > Item Types, and create your containers, ensuring you set the item as a container.
  • Create an order template for multi leg container orders. Navigate to Manage > Orders > Order Templates, and either edit an existing template, or create a new template. Review the template as per your requirements, and ensure the following fields have been correctly setup:
    • Default Packing mode = 'Container'
    • Template Properties
      • Number of legs - 2
      • Select Empty Legs as - Leg 1
      • Allow dispatcher to add more legs (Optional)


Step 2 - Download Order Template, Populate and Create

Once you are happy with the order template, you can begin to create your orders.

  1. Download Template - Navigate to Items > Create Order > Upload CSV File
    • Select the multi leg container order template you created from the dropdown, and click either XLSX or CSV to download the template to populate
  2. Populate the downloaded template with order details, Leg 1 (set as empty) will be the empty container delivery, Leg 2 will be the filled container.  Ensure mandatory fields (marked with *) are populated.
  3. Upload Populated Template (Navigate to Items > Create Order > Upload CSV File)
    • Select the multi leg container order template you created from the dropdown, upload the populated file and 'Save Order'


You have now created a multi leg order, with leg 1 being marked as "Empty"