Configuring the Driver App

The actions performed by the driver on the app are controlled in your Manage section of Yojee Dispatcher.

Driver Workflow

Task actions allow you to set when a driver should obtain a signature or capture a photo. You can set these tasks for the driver to perform against either the pickup or drop task, upon completion or when a task is reported. 

To access the Task Actions, go to Manage > Drivers > Driver Workflow 

Upload Signature

Allows the driver to obtain the signature at the pickup or drop-off point at completion or upon failure. This setting is optional only and cannot be set as mandatory.

🙌Did you know you can edit the signature message?

Click on the pencil as shown below and customise the message shown to your drivers.

Enter your message in the box shown, and SAVE



When a new job is assigned to the driver, the message will appear upon capturing the signature.

Please note when signing the customer will also see this message.


Upload Photo

Allows the driver to capture an image of the goods at the pickup or drop-off point at completion or upon failure. 

Include timestamp in photos

This will add a timestamp watermark to the bottom of any photo taken within the Driver App when enabled and applied to all driver devices. When disabled the watermark is not longer visible. See here for more information.

When uploading photos from the mobile device gallery, timestamps will not be included. This distinction ensures that there is a visible difference between images uploaded from the gallery and those taken at the point of delivery when the 'Include timestamp in photos' feature is enabled.

Submit OTP

Allows the driver to request a one-time pin from the pickup or drop-off contact upon completion. 


Report Reasons

Report reasons are a set of saved options for your driver to select when a task is failed. For eg, the driver may arrive and it is the incorrect address, closed, or refused due to damage, the dispatcher can configure these within Yojee. 

To access the Report Reasons, go to Manage > Drivers > Driver App > Report Reasons

1. Click on Add Report Reasons to add a new reason to select from

2a) Enter your reason code (if applicable) and description of your reason eg: Damaged and then select Save.

2b) If you have a large set of reasons to create, click on the Batch Upload tab to upload.

To obtain a template simply select the Excel or CSV option and download. Once the template is configured and saved, upload it to this screen and select Save

Once saved, the reasons for the driver to select from will be shown on the driver app

Bulk Actions

You can also update the reasons in bulk, by selecting the items and using the options to edit, delete or download. 

⚠️ Please note the ID is for internal Yojee use only and should not be used unless it is for updating the existing reasons. 


Would you like to give your drivers the option to enter their own reasons? No worries! You can easily enable this feature by making sure that you toggle on the "Allow drivers to add a custom reason" option.