Finalise an order on behalf of a driver

Discover how to efficiently finalise an order on behalf of a driver .


To successfully complete an order on behalf of a driver and upload separate POD


  1. Navigate to the Transport Orders page.
  2. Locate the specific order/s to be completed and select the order.

  3. Click on the "Complete" button located in the top right corner.

  4. Select the driver who completed the orders (if orders are already assigned, select 'Apply to unassigned jobs only').
  5. Add the completion time and date.

  6. Upload proof of delivery, such as a photo or document (Note, this will replace the system-generated POD).

  7. Acknowledge that completing the order is irreversible.

  8. Click on the "Complete" button to finalise and complete the orders.


Cautionary Notes:

  • Completing an order cannot be undone, so ensure all information is accurate before proceeding.

  • Only proceed with completing the order once you are certain it is ready for finalisation.

  • The uploaded file will replace the system-generated POD

Tips for Efficiency:

  • Familiarise yourself with the Transport Orders page to quickly locate the order.

  • Have the proof of delivery ready for upload to expedite the completion process.

  • Double-check all details, including completion time and proof of delivery, before finalising the order.