Automatic Transfer and Assigning

How to set up rule based transfers or driver assignment

To effectively automate any transfers or driver assignments, there are two key steps;

  1. Setup Saved Filters (the criteria that determines which orders will have rules applied)
  2. Setup Dispatch Rules (what needs to be done on these orders ie transfer or driver assignment)

Note: Only NEW orders loaded into the system are subjected to automatic dispatch rules. Orders that have been declined by a carrier partner or reported by a driver will be excluded from any rules

Saved Filters

1. Go to Manage and select Planning then Saved Filters from the menu options. Click on Add Filter to create a new filter

2. Enter the criteria for when the filter should apply

    1. Type the name of the filter
    2. Select the service type(s)
    3. Select which zone or hub 
    4. Choose your sender(s) & SAVE

Next step is to apply this saved filter to a dispatch rule! 

Dispatch Rules

1. Navigate to Dispatch Rules from the menu option Planning and select Add Rule

2. Select the criteria for your rule.

    1. Create the name of your rule
    2. Select the saved filter from the previous step
    3. Choose the Action you would like to use, in this use case we are transferring to our Downstream Partner
    4. Select your Partner and SAVE

Congratulations! You have now setup and auto transfer rule!

TIP! 🙌

Did you know that the Dispatch Rules are not only for Transferring, but you can also setup rules to apply for auto assignment to a driver, or closest driver, and you can even setup certain orders to Broadcast!

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