Getting started with Yojee Lite

You received an invitation to use Yojee. What next?

Welcome to Yojee! Being invited as a partner means you can use Yojee Lite for free. But what is Yojee and what do you need to get started?

  • Yojee gives you access to the latest technology to perform logistics efficiently
  • Yojee is really easy to use! (once you get the basics, you can probably figure everything else out by yourself...)
  • With Yojee you will be able to bridge the gap between your most experienced and newest drivers
  • All of your execution timestamps are logged in Yojee for your analysis and process improvements

What you can expect in this article

  1. How to use Yojee
  2. Setting up your drivers
  3. Operational workflows and checklist
  4. Using data to improve your operations
  5. How else can you use Yojee

    How to use Yojee

    To get started, let's focus on these two components.

    • Yojee Dispatcher - As a dispatcher, you do not need to install anything! Yojee is cloud based, so feel free to use your favourite browser.
      • Get a tour of the Yojee Dispatcher here
      • We always recommend our users to use Google Chrome although any modern browser is fine too. New features for Internet Explorer was discontinued in 2016 and should not be anyone's favourite browser. 😁If you have to use a Microsoft browser, use Microsoft Edge!
    • Yojee Drive - As a drivers, mobile apps is really easy-to-use and fun, and yes, it does have offline mode!

    Less is more

    Yojee is designed to look really simple, but have tons of features hidden out of plain sight. Use the search function in the knowledge base to find a feature, or chat with a support personnel.

    Setting up your drivers

    The next step to get started is to setup your drivers. Give them access as early as possible so that everyone can get used to the system. Note that your drivers will only have access via the Yojee mobile app.

    1. Inviting drivers (documentation not yet available)
    2. Vehicle management vs. Driver management (documentation not yet available)

    Operational workflows

    You can use Yojee to make various decisions through your day of operations, but let's get started with the most important ones!

    Choosing the best man for the job

    Sequencing stops using map data

    Managing exceptions

    Using data to improve your operations

    • Orders performance (documentation not yet available)
    • Order items analysis (documentation not yet available)
    • Driver performance (documentation not yet available)
    • Transfers received (documentation not yet available)

    How else can you use Yojee

    Congratulations! You are now equipped with basic knowledge of how to make Yojee work for you.

    If you want to squeeze out even more juice, feel free to explore more advanced topics within Yojee Lite or contact us to upgrade to a full version.