Yojee Billing Report

Records of your Yojee software usage

This report contains the details of your Yojee software usage. The objective of this report is to allow customers to reconcile the transactional charges as invoiced by Yojee.


  • Date Range 


The date range filter of the New Transactions Report is based on the Transaction Date.

Some key information that could be extracted from this report includes:

  • Who is Sender (i.e. corporate account)

  • Order Number

  • First Event, and First Event Timestamp.

1 row = 1 order number only i.e. you should not see the same order number across multiple rows.


An order’s event and transaction timestamp is represented by the first order-item’s event.

The events possible are:

  1. task_group.broadcasted

  2. order.transfer_created

  3. task_group.assigned

NOTE: This report is only applicable for Yojee users onboard the New Booking Experience. 

This new report, compared to the previous (order-item level), is an order-level transaction report. This is in line with the New Booking Experience that has been introduced.