Trends Dashboard

See the growth in your business and operations over time

The purpose of this dashboard is to give you the ability to see how your business changes over time, but also get a grasp of your ongoing, like your current week or month and how it compares to the past time period.

Dashboard controls

There are four controls on this dashboard.

  1. Timeframe and Date granularity: Change the timeframe to reflect the period you want to review and how you would like the data aggregated for comparison.
  2. Sender: Optional, if you want to zoom in on a specific customer or upstream partner.
  3. Service Type: Optional, if you want to zoom in on a specific service type.

Volumes and comparisons

When loaded, the dashboard not only provides basic volume information within the selected time frame but also gives us additional details on whether the number of created orders was higher or lower compared to the previous period before it.

There are some other widgets also in this case on orders created in order, complete with bar charts of orders created and completed, all colour-coded by service types.

Download a tabular format

Further down the page, the details are available in a tabular format. And this is really for the users that want more than to look at the widgets, but also look at the actual numbers and download the data if they want to make their own charts or they wanna integrate that somewhere.