Product classification

Understanding the ways you can manage different types of orders

There are going to be cases where you need to manage different orders differently. Great value lie in business models that are able to distinguish between perishable, dangerous and refrigerated goods, managing various service levels and customer expectations.

The solution to this situation is to simply offer a different "logistics product" to each of these different market needs.

In Yojee, product classification is possible including the options below:

  1. Service types
  2. Item types

Service types

Service types relate to service aspect of the order. What are the actions that will be performed through the service. What are the expected service levels and associated time slot obligations that the sender have to adhere to. Whether cross border services are included or not.

Item types

Item types relate to the nature of the item being transported. Different item types would need to be handled differently. A common example of item types could be "Package", "Document", "Consumable" or "Dangerous goods".