Order Report

The objective of the Order Report is to provide users with high level information of items in a particular order.


The date range filter of the Order Report is based on the Order Creation Date. An order comprises multiple items, which in turn may have varying commit timings. As such, it would befitting if the Order Report offers the Dispatcher the ability to track an order based on the date it was created / inserted into the product.

Some key information that could be extracted at an order level would include who in an organisation created a particular order, total number of items that order comprises, the order status of that item (i.e. has it been completed, is it still in progress, or has it been cancelled)- and finally the total price billable for that order (if price metrics are set up).


The overall goal of these filters are to offer the user flexibility in extracting only the most relevant data. They should be used in conjunction with each other in order to create a more focused search experience.

  • Date Range
    • You have the ability to filter out only items that are concerned with execution timings. This helps to reduce any possible clutter from all items created in the system.
  • Order Status
    • Allows you to filter out only orders that have been completed or completed or in progress etc - helping to narrow down the focus on a specific business analysis need.
  • Order Number
    • Allows you to search for 1 particular order. This is can be especially helpful when dealing with an order that has a special / urgent need to be tracked.
  • Sender Name
    • You can filter out all order details that belong to a particular customer(s)/Sender.
  • Corporate User
    • For all items that require action during the date range specified, you can search only for items that were uploaded by a corporate user of a specific sender.
      This creates a more meaningful view of reporting and tracking, especially when a company has multiple users that upload orders.


To export your data, find the 3 dots on any report and click on Download data

To download more than 1,000 rows in any report, please refer to this article.