Number of Attempts

This report allows you to know how many times a driver has attempted a pickup and/or delivery for your orders.


The objective of this report is to give you visibility into how many attempts it took for a pick up or drop off to be completed, to ensure charges are applied correctly either as a downstream or upstream partner.


The number of attempts report can be viewed from either creation, commit or assigned dates.

This report comprises of 2 parts:

Part 1 - High level information

  • Order/ Item Numbers

  • Item Statuses

  • Counts of Attempts (Including final completion attempt)

Part 2 - Detailed Information

  • Task Statuses

  • Exception Times and Reasons

  • Final Completion Timestamp


The attempts are calculated at task level. This means that for every pick and or drop off task, an attempt can be counted. An attempt is not counted at the item or order level. 

Example 🔍

Order 1

  • Item A (1 Pick up, 1 Drop off)

Item A's pick up task was completed in 4 attempts. Means there were 3 failed attempts, and 1 successful attempt. Hence 4 attempts in total for Item A Pick Up.

Item A's drop off task was completed in 3 attempts. Means there were 2 failed attempts, and 1 successful attempt. Hence 3 attempts in total for Item A Drop Off.