My Orders Report - Updated (Booking Page)

The objective of the “My Orders” Report is to provide Senders and Customers with high level information of items in a particular order via the booking portal only.

What's New?

The 2 reports (on-going and completed) will be combined into 1 report. 


The date range filter of the My Orders report is based on the Order Creation Date.

Some key information that could be extracted from this report includes:

  • Who in an organisation created a particular order

  • Item-level details of each Pick Up and Drop Off tasks

  • Tracking page link for each item for easy accountability and visibility

  • POD link for each item for senders to validate their deliveries.

How can I view this report? 

To access these reports a user must first log in to the booking portal* (*if enabled). 

Go to "My Orders" against your profile on the top right of your booking portal screen after you have logged in.

This report is designed to provide an overview of the orders for a Corporate Sender account, and is only available to view per "User". 


There are 3 filters in this report:

  • Date Range
  • Order Status
  • Tracking Number

Date Range

Sender able to filter out items/orders that were created within the specified date range. This allows him to better keep track of all items and their progress on a more granular level.

Order Status

Sender able to filter out only items that belong a certain state. There are 3 main options here. This can help Senders reduce clutter and only focus on items that matter.

Here is a summary of what the different item states can tell the senders:

  • Cancelled - Item has been cancelled.

  • On Going - Item is en route, but not delivered yet.

  • Completed - Item has been delivered in full

Tracking Number

Sender is able to search for 1 particular order/item. This is can be especially helpful when dealing with an order/item that has an urgent need to be tracked


To download your report, click on the 3 dots as shown: