Managing execution

Using the Yojee Drive app to manage execution

Focused execution

Yojee believes that focus is essential to deliver flawless execution. Your team members on the ground can rely on the Yojee Drive app to keep them focused on the next task to perform, while any updates (of timestamps or PODs) are managed by the app itself.

The task sequence is the plan that was approved by dispatcher. You can click into each card to see more details of a task (including pick up address, customer details).

Who decides the workload?

Who decides if the task at hand is suitable for a driver? Yojee allows many different configurations, including whether your driver needs to accept or reject an assigned task.

Dispatcher decides:

A driver schedule is set up in Yojee to register the driver availability. This schedule can reflect a weekly schedule, but needs to be updated regularly for non-weekly patterns such as upcoming public holidays.

Optimisation is used to plan workload within driver schedules.

Driver decides:

To start delivery, click “Accept” on the incoming task notifications, as shown below.

Note: Driver has maximum 20 mins to accept tasks. After 20 mins with no action, these tasks will automatically be returned to the Unassigned section in Yojee.

Completing tasks

You can be complete or report task(s). There are 3 ways to complete/report tasks. Upon complete, driver might be required to submit a photograph and/or signature. This depends on settings by dispatcher.

Completing a single task:

To complete a single task, you can click into a task card and tap Complete.

Bulk complete task:

To complete all tasks, you can tap Select All, then Complete or Report.

Scanning: You can scan the QR code in waybill (if available) to Complete  or Report.

Report Tasks

Under any circumstance that a task cannot be completed successfully, you can report with exception. The dispatcher will be notified accordingly