Layout/Workflow Changes on the Booking Page


What did we do?
  • We changed some layouts/workflows of the booking page to support multi-leg order entries once this feature is fully rolled out.
  • The main change is that you will now see “Task” sections (which indicates the type of the task) as opposed to having a “Pick Up Details” and a “Drop Of Details” section.
  • The service type chosen by the user will determine the number of tasks that they can add to an item. Multi-leg items can have multiple tasks, while point to point items will only have 2 tasks (pick up and drop-off).
  • To set up multi-leg service types for an existing company or a new company, backend tech. effort is required.                           

What value does it add?
    • We provide the flexibility for senders to use one booking page for either point to point deliveries, or (upcoming in the next few weeks) multi-leg deliveries.