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Filter, Search and Bulk Select

Filters & Search

When customers call in to query about their deliveries, or when driver has issues with their tasks, it's important for dispatchers to quickly find the items and address stakeholders' concerns.

Filters: A comprehensive list of filters is created with this purpose. You can find different types of filters under ItemsOrders and Drivers sections.

Search: Search bar in each tab helps you locate an item / order quickly. You can search using order ID, tracking ID, external ID and sender / recipient name. 

Bulk Select

Once you narrow down to the list of items, you might want take certain actions against them.

How to bulk select: 

You simply click the top square box in the header to select items (subject to active filters / search parameters).

Note: Only items / tasks that are qualified to take actions will be selected. In the example below, you can't include a "Completed" item in the Bulk Select to Transfer.


What can you do after Bulk Select? 

You can assign, transfer, broadcast, cancel and complete. 

  • Assign Selected Items
  • Transfer Selected Items
  • Broadcast Selected Items
  • Cancel Selected Items
  • Complete Selected Items