Delays in execution

How to identify delays and proactively solve them

To meet service level agreements, and deliver excellent results to customers, Yojee provide the following functionalities.

Measuring execution performance

To track the ongoing performance through the day:

  • Access the reports screen through the menu reports screen
  • Choose the "Drivers" report
  • In the date range selector, choose "Today"

You can identify the amount of delay against commit times by reviewing the columns "Pickup Delta Minutes" and "Drop off Delta Minutes". A negative number means that there is some delay in number of minutes.

Using your partner network to help

Always keep in mind that leveraging on a partner network to execute during peak periods is an option in Yojee. Learn more about inviting partners to help.

Keep your customers updated

Last but not least, remember to keep your customers updated. Learn more about setting up notifications through email and SMS.