How can I design my own email notifications with my company's branding.

You may prefer to use your own branding and design in your email notifications. This can be achieved with your own Mailchimp and Mandrill account


You must already have your own Mailchimp account linked to a Mandrill account to use this feature.  

The email notifications that are configured in Yojee, from within the section ManageContent Management > Notifications cannot be configured to send from a different email address and unfortunately are unable to be branded with your logo. 
To brand and configure the emails outside of the settings in Yojee, you will need to set up a Mandrill account via Mailchimp. 
Mandrill will allow you to configure the email notification templates to your required design and Mailchimp links the email account up on your end.
All we need is to link up on our end using the API key that is generated from your Mandrill account. This ensures that the emails are triggered at the same milestones that you have set in Yojee.
We can also provide a set of templates to help get you started. 

👏To learn more or to activate your account with Yojee please email